These are sessions which can be further customized to suit the entity's knowledge need. IP ALPHA has been providing training sessions to governments, academic/research organization, corporations and other entities in various technological fields. Such knowledge and best practices are needed to sustain businesses in today's ever-changing IP intensive environment. All session presenters are well qualified in terms of experiences and qualifications. These sessions focus more on the practicality of IP with case studies and hands-on practices rather than theoretical teachings.

(Note: All E2Ts sessions are subjected to a minimum number of confirmed-attending participants before which the session will be conducted at the stipulated time/date. The organiser reserves the rights to postpone/change or cancel the sessions with prior notifications. All intended participants are mandated to pay for the full session cost 2 weeks before the session starts. No delay or “on the session days” payment are accepted kindly)

Training Sessions


Mr Lok Choon Hong, Managing Partner, Pintas Pte Ltd

Mr Lok is a qualified lawyer (non-practising) in Malaysia and Singapore and a registered patent, trademark and industrial design agents for Malaysia. He has been actively involved in the IP field for the past sixteen (16) years. He was awarded the world’s top 1000 patent practitioners by IAM magazine for year 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the Malaysian IP Agent award in year 2013 by the Malaysian IP office.

Mr Lok holds a Master of Laws Degree from University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, an executive MBA degrees from INSEAD and E-MBA from Tsinghua University, China.

He is also the founding partner of Pintas IP Group (PIPG), an Asean based regional professional intellectual property (IP) firm, Global IP Southeast Asia Pte Ltd (GIP-Asean), an IP agency and consultancy boutique firm focusing on Japan-Southeast Asia regions.

Apart from IP agency and consultancy works, Mr Lok is also actively involved in angel capital investment in IP based companies in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Mr Lok is currently the treasurer of Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN).

Novelty is a legal requirement for a patent claim to be patentable. The purpose of the novelty requirement is to prevent prior art from being patented again and to warrant the invention right/s to the patent sort after. In many Institute of Higher Learnings (IHL) (for example in polytechnics, Technical Vocation Schools, Colleges and Universities), the inventors (or researchers) often finds it difficult to distinguish novelty (that has been established) in their course of research work which may be patented and often finds it difficult to fill in the invention disclosure forms appropriately to which is the basis of patent application.

Note: Due to the overwhelming response of the previous sessions, there shall be more sessions in 2019.


David Wanetick, Managing Director, IncreMental Advantage

David Wanetick has more than 20 years of experience in Company and Intellectual Property Valuation, Financial Modeling, Strategic Planning, and Negotiations.

He is recognised world-wide for his expertise in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, earn-outs and non-compete agreements. His clients include law firms; emerging, mid- and large-sized companies; technology transfer offices; inventors; venture capitalists and private equity firms. Valuations are primarily conducted in the context of negotiating licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, patent sales, capital raises and litigation support. He developed the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Designation.

He has facilitated hundreds of sessions in which CEOs present their strategic plans to their Boards of Directors or members of the institutional investment community. These executives hailed from industries ranging from Advertising Agencies to Water Utilities and have been as diverse as Israeli Security Companies to Canadian Insurers.

He has published articles, been quoted or interviewed, in media outlets such as CNBC, CNNfn, The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Chief Executive Magazine, Competitive Intelligence, Technology Transfer Tactics, Directors & Boards, Investors’ Business Daily, Newsweek, Intellectual Asset Management, Technology Transfer Tactics, Les Nouvelles, Patent World, CEO Magazine, The CPA Journal, Licensing Journal, Willamette Insights, Valuation Strategies, Valuation Examiner, Business Valuation Update, IP Frontline, IP Litigator, Inventor’s Digest, Private Equity Manager, Research & Development Magazine, and The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators.

Mr. Wanetick is the author of four books – Business Model Validation: What Makes Business Models Work; Bound for Growth: How to Pick Winning Stocks Using Industry Analysis; Hot Sector Investing; and The Power of Incremental Advantage: How Incremental Improvements Produce Dramatically Disproportionate Results. He developed the Certified Strategic Negotiator designation.

You can't manage what you can't measure. You can't monetize what you can't value. Numerous studies report that intangible assets represent at least 70% of corporate value. The imperative of valuing patents has largely been met with anticipatory surrender on the part of corporate managers. This is unfortunate as the indifference to valuing patents is hindering the management and monetization of the largest category of corporate assets.

It has been witnessed over the last decade that a surge in demand for analysts who can value intangible assets such as patents, is exponentially rising. Thus, IP ALPHA is pleased to be the exclusive partner of Business Development Academy who has developed Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program. The CPVA curriculum is designed to prepare financial analysts, technology transfer professionals, intellectual property managers, licensing managers, inventors, patent lawyers and other business development executives with the skill set necessary to value patents and various forms of IP.

One of the core components of the CPVA curriculum is immersion into the Patent Valuation Gauntlet. In deriving the value of a patent, PVG takes into account commercial value, assertion value, blocking value, cross-licensing value, reputational value as well as patent invalidity risks and design around risks. Holders of the CPVA designation will have access to the PVG worksheets. CPVA designees will be eligible to stamp their valuations as having been run through the Patent Valuation Gauntlet.


Allen Yeo, Founder and Director, IP Alpha Pte Ltd

Dr Allen Yeo is a distinguished and one of the few selected IP Business Consultant designated by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS); tasked to provide strategic IP and business support/consultancy such as IP strategy & valuation to Singapore SMEs & international clients. To date, he has more than 15 years of IP related experiences and has been consulted by more than 100 reputable companies in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, India and many regional countries.  Concurrently, he is a certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC) under Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council (SBACC); providing IP and business consultancy to many local and overseas companies. Concurrently, Dr Yeo is Founder & Chairman of Patnova Pte. Ltd & IP Alpha Pte Ltd. Additionally he is Co-founder and Director of Magdallen Quant Pte. Ltd; a multi-million financial technology company which has been acquired by a USA listed company (source: PR Newswire)

Previously, Dr. Yeo was an Associate Professor (Hon. & Adjunct) in National University of Singapore (NUS). He had held as Principal Consultant (Intellectual Property Solution) at Thomson Reuters & Honorary Advisor at Oliver Quek and Associates (Advocates and Solicitors) law firm in Singapore. He has held other technical research and Intellectual Property related key positions at government bodies in Singapore, namely, Defence Medical and Environmental Research Institute (a division of Defence Science Organisation Singapore) and Exploit Technologies Pte. Ltd (the commercialization arm of the Agency for Science and Technology Agency Research, ASTAR Singapore).

An Overseas Research Scholar sponsored by the Committee of Vice Chancellor and Principals; U.K., Dr. Yeo holds a Ph.D. and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree with First Class Honours, majoring in laser-biological applications from Glasgow University, Scotland. He was also a Singapore Institute of Management Scholar and graduated with an M.B.A. from University at Buffalo (S.U.N.Y.; USA).

This executive session is set for acquiring the fundamental knowledge of strategy in business, technology and IP planning, as well as the skill training of information/intelligence analysis. IP accounts for more than 80% of business assets in most of the organisation today and it also sets the core to-be-exploited values in many research entities, polytechnics, technical schools and universities. How can one effective set a road-map of owing or collaborating research findings without being unfairly exploited by others? What are the steps to plan and watch out in licensing, conducting technology analysis and performing technology commercialisation? How best to work in terms of crafting good IP strategy between business corporations and academics?

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